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Finger lengths (2nd and 4th for both hands), hand-grip strength (HGS), testosterone (T), cortisol (C), aggression (Buss-Perry Aggression Questionnaire) and personality type (Ten Item Personality Measure). In both conditions participants provided saliva samples (for hormone assays). testosterone.

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In this experimental study, we randomly divided 48 rats into four groups: i. control, ii. TT-treated, iii. addicted and iv. TT-treated addicted. Watersoluble morphine was administrated orally for 21 days to induce addiction, after which the treated groups 2 and 4 received plant-mixed pelleted food (6.25%) orally for four weeks. At the end of the treatment period, the sex hormone and gonadotropin levels of all rats’ sera were determined by radioimmunoassay and Elisa kits. The data obtained were statistically analyzed using the one-way analysis of variance, followed by post-hoc Tukey test. P<0.05 was considered significant. testosterone.

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The asymmetry in the planum temporale area and the occipital cortex seem related to processes associated with testosterone, whereas the observed cerebellar asymmetries suggest a link with X-chromosome escapee genes. Sex differences in cerebral asymmetry are moderated by sex hormones and X-chromosome genes, in a regionally differentiated manner. testosterone.

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Of 26 transgender men identified, half were at risk for pregnancy. Most desired to avoid pregnancy but used only condoms or no contraception. Two individuals desired pregnancy, were taking testosterone (a teratogen), and not using contraception. testosterone.

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The rapid T-suppression achieved with degarelix may provide a clinical benefit for various groups of men with advanced or locally advanced disease. testosterone.

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Our objective was to describe testosterone testing and testosterone treatment in men in the United Kingdom and United States. testosterone.

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